Custom Metal Countertops Installed




The metal countertops we fabricate are easy to install. Our installation team will prep the areas needed and attach the new metal countertops. We ensure tight seams and clean corners our metal countertops look amazing, long-lasting, and easy to clean.


We are a custom metal fabrication shop that also provides onsite installation service. Macy Industries is known for our metal countertop installations because we will use precise measurements and leverage the latest technology. Our process is simple. Our team prepares for everything, and we leverage CAD software, so we have everything, including the hardware modeled in and ready before we step onto the job site. Macy Industries has a rigorous training process that results in a strong team and a proven project plan that saves time and produces superior quality.

Every project starts with an estimate, and we are here to help. Book a meeting today from our website, and one of our sales members will visit your home or business at no charge. You will see our available times from this link Click here to Book a meeting. Or send us some information you have to get us started. Click here to start an estimate 

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