Weldments Tube and Round


Weldments are a unit formed by welding together adjoining pieces.

Macy Industries takes pride in the ability to fabricate a wide range of weldments, in any quantity, and to customer specifications.  We are capable of delivering various types of weldments, including:

  • Polished Stainless Steel–Stainless steel products are part of our daily life.  As the demand for stainless steel has grown so has the expectation for the surface finish.  A Polished Stainless Steel finish requires effort and know-how.  At Macy Industries, our experienced team has mastered the proper balance of grinding and polishing it takes to deliver a perfect finish to your weldment.
  • Steel Weldments– Macy Industries has a designated area for fabricating thick structural tube steel weldments with the highest integrity and quality.  Our steel weldments can be delivered painted, powder coated, or chemically plated.
  • Aluminum Weldments–Our team understands the challenges of fabricating aluminum weldments and has the advanced knowledge to conquer them.  We can deliver aluminum weldments painted, powder coated, or chemically plated.


Our experienced welders can fabricate even the most challenging projects for a wide spectrum of industries. We are committed to doing the job right, on time, on budget and with meticulous detail to quality.

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